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Dark Assembly Vol.1
A Virginia Goth / Industrial Compilation

This FREE Compilation features Virginia bands from Richmond, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, Williamsburgh, Charlottesville, and Chesterfield.

Echoing strong female vocal Goth (Siddal) to aggressive Industrial (Manufactured Soul) and heart pounding Industrial Dance (Khate) and slows back down to soft ambient melodies (Vehemence Realized).

17 tracks, over 73 minutes of Virginia's newest and most recognized underground bands in this area. CD includes a 28 page mini booklet. see for more information about this CD

This item is FREE upon request with any mail order ! (while supplies last)

Vol. 1
01. Heaven Falls Hard - Resurrection
02. Siddal - A Safer Heaven
03. Manufactured Soul - Re-Programmer
04. Angel 99 - Desire Me
05. Noizfaction - Vertigo
07. BellaMorte - Remains
08. Krell - Backstabbing
09. if/then - Equal & Opposite
10. Terror Ink - Gun
11. Kissing Teeth - the Party is Over
12. KHATE - Wicked
13. Obscure Element - American Soil (WTC Mix)
14. Freak-N-Stine - Angel of the Abyss (NonCapala Edit)
15. Hidden Meanings - A Message to those who are stuck within the Machine
16. the Darkseed Project - Dark Reign
17. Vehemence Realized - J. Redland

Wreath of Barbs

Rudy Ratzingers latest release, Wreath of Barbs. The first track sounds like previous :W: material, really hard and abrasive. This CD is excellent ! has femail vocals on some songs. Deliverance is the 'single' track.

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Wreath of Barbs
01. Opening The Gates Of Hell
02. Deliverance (Album Edit)
03. Wreath Of Barbs
04. Dr. Thodt
05. Mankind's Disease
06. Christfuck
07. Troops Under Fire
08. Line of Corpses
09. Hate is Mine
10. Bleed In Silence
11. Eclipse

VNV Nation
Genesis 1 & 2

Excellent new Electronic Dance tracks by Ronan Harris & Mark Jackson, it only sucks that there is only 4 songs on each CD, and the first one is the same on both :( But definetly worth having !

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Genesis 1 (Blue Cover)
01. Genesis (single version)
02. Weltfunk (unreleased)
03. Genesis (icon of coil version)
04. Genesis (thomas p. heckmann version)

Genesis 2 (Red Cover)
01. Genesis (single version)
02. Genesis (c92 version by vnv nation)
03. Left behind (unreleased)
04. Genesis (ivory frequency version)

01. Water
02. Devil
03. Kettle
04. Earthworm
05. Lusid
06. Pore
07. Chaos
08. Cracker
09. Solow
10. Suhleap
11. Minus
ohGr - Welt
Nivek Ogre, the voice of Skinny Puppy, and producer Mark Walk (Pigface, Ruby), created the band OhGr just prior to Skinny Puppy's end in 1995, but ohGr was unwillingly put on hold until the late '90s due to contractual problems with American Recordings. Ogre had wanted to release the debut album entitled WELT that same year, but music industry politics and egos prevented its release. It wasn't until 1999 that Ogre's legal bindings to American Recordings expired and WELT was finally rescued. Tracks were remixed and OhGr set a deal with Spitfire Records and WELT finally released February 2001.

Alchemy in DC presented ohGr w/ Hate Dept. June 21
Look for photos from this show on

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Project Pitchfork

Project Pitchfork have deservedly established themselves as one of Europe's most prominant forces in the industrial scene. However, to simply label the band as industrial fails to do their music justice, as they have a strong ethereal Gothic side to them as well, as is strongly evidenced by their two Aurora side projects, and a keen lyrical sense of social justice.

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01. Daimonion: you hear me in your dreams
02. Timekiller
03. Sand-Glass
04. Jupiter: or somewhere out there
05. We Are One: mirror split up into pieces
06. The Clone
07. Rear
08. Drone Assembly
09. Drone State
10. Mine/Beast of Prey
11. Citynight
12. Last Call
13. Existence v. 4.1
14. The View

Mad Caddies
Rock the Plank

Thirteen bone crushing swashbuckling songs on this CD. They mix horns, reggae, rock n roll, and pop/punk to come up with a neat style. At times they remind me of Nofx, but with a horn section. "Bridges" is pop/punk to the maximum. "B Sides" is a melodic masterpiece. "Well Start To Worry When The Cynics Start Believing" could have been a song the Clash had wished they had wrote. Buy this!! -M. Andes / VIER Magazine

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Rock The Plank
01 Shaving Your Life
02 Mary Melody
03 B-Side
04 Days Away
05 Bridges
06 We'll Start To Worry When The Cynics Start Believing
07 Weird Beard
08 Easy Cheese
09 Hound Bound
10 Depleted Salvo
11 Chevy Novacaine
12 Booze Cruise
13 All American Badass
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